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At 15, Tui is the vocalist for The People, but Tui can also play Bass and some Guitar.

She has sung for long as she can remember, mainly just singing along to the radio or songs she enjoyed.

Her favorite song to perform is “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” by Jet, as it’s an upbeat tune and is a complete jam to sing to.

My favourite bands are Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam and Green Day, with also a bit of Blink-182 and Offspring included.

I enjoy being in a band from the people in it. I feel like we all just bond over silly things and are just a crazy bunch, like a chaotic family. I enjoy practices with them and playing songs we all have a shared liking too! So really it all comes down to the people involved in The People, as they are all cool people and really fun to hang around and jam with! Random fun fact time, I am self teaching myself bass (while also self teaching Guitar and Ukulele)!